Zagreb, 15.09.2016. - Salesforce, the world's leading CRM solution was presented in Zagreb, to an audience of nearly one hundred business, marketing and sales directors.


They were invited to the Double Tree by Hilton by HSM informatika, the only registered Salesforce partner in Croatia. CRM solutions were developed to make it easier to communicate with customers and to better manage marketing and sales processes, and Salesforce has taken the top spot for the last ten years on the global marketing, going by their market share.

Hrvoje Supić, the Sales Director of Salesforce for Eastern Europe and Russia, explained to the gathered that by using this solution, it is possible to achieve better quality contact with customers, but also a better cooperation both within the company and with the partners. The ultimate result of better management of marketing and sales processes is ultimately greater customer satisfaction and revenue growth, which is confirmed by the results of companies using Salesforce solutions.

It is worth mentioning that, according to the American magazine Forbes, Salesforce has been at the very top of the list of the most innovative companies in the world for the past six years, so it's obvious that the solution is continually expanding and enhanced by new possibilities.

Juraj and Jakov Urbanke, technical and operational managers of HSM informatika,  presented the benefits that users, whether small and medium-sized businesses or corporations, are getting from choosing Salesforce. The audience also had a chance to see a practical example,  coming from Lemax - they shared their experience of implementing Salesforce, thanks to which they increased their sales by 31 percent compared to the same period last year, all in less than a year.

"In recent years, advanced customer relationship management solutions were reserved only for the largest companies, such as the largest telecom operators and banks, but Salesforce's solutions have enabled the best world experiences and practices in marketing and sales management to be available to companies of all profiles. That is why we are very pleased that  representatives of some of the leading Croatian and regional companies were present at the event, as well as the founders of small companies and start-ups that have a marked growth ambition in overseas markets. We believe it is essential that companies that want to be competitive locally and globally use the world's best solutions. That is why we chose Salesforce, first as users, then as implementation partners, " - said Jakov Urbanke, HSM informatika's technical manager.