December 2nd 2020 – Online event “Sales 2.0 – a look into the future” has gathered a number of regional opinion makers in sales and media who answered the question – what can the business community expect in 2021?



With the support of Salesforce and AmCham, HSM informatika held an online event “Sales 2.0 – a look into the future” and gathered a number of regional opinion makers in sales and media who discussed future trends and predicted what the business community should expect from 2021. Trends related to digitization have not changed, but have only been accelerated by the coronavirus crisis. Digitization of business is a process which has started a long time ago, but due to new circumstances companies have been forced to implement it in a short period of time. 

“Describing 2020 in a word would be – innovation. The business world has changed its processes and accelerated the switch to digital systems of communication and doing business literally overnight. In marketing, advertising has been directed towards online simply because product and service sales have also focused on online. The trend which also continues is making products simpler and automating processes in order to advertise and sell easier. Sales and marketing have a mutual goal – increasing company profit”, said Hrvoje Supić from Salesforce

In the panel “The Future of Sales”, panelists Mato Njavro (ZŠEM), Krešimir Hlede (Greyp Bikes), Josip Ergović (NEXE) and Darko Minić (AIGO Business System) shared experiences from each of their industries. Krešimir Hlede of Greyp bikes said they aren’t experiencing any problems with sales. On the contrary, they have gone up by 120% in the last year – “We are in a specific situation. The micro mobility market is rising in Europe, so we don’t have any problems with sales. Our biggest issue is internal capability, which means finding a qualified workforce. We plan on investing into research and development as our main activities, with a focus on the B2C market of bike manufacturing. Also, I would like to say that we were one of the first companies to implement the Salesforce platform and digitize the sales funnel.”

Josip Ergović of Nexe group said that the main problem in the coronavirus crisis was delivery – “We were lucky because the coronavirus crisis hasn’t affected us either. We have record sales results. But, in the beginning we had problems with export, because the borders were closed. Considering the rise in sales numbers, we found it necessary to systemize and digitize our sales. With the help from HSM informatika we are implementing the Salesforce platform which will help us achieve even better sales results in the future.”

“The Future of Marketing” panel has gathered the members of the leading media companies in the region – Miran Pavić (Telegram Media Grupa), Zoran Turković (24sata), Borislav Miljanović (BizLife) and Darijan Kosić (N1). They have unanimously concluded that the future of advertising is in creating quality content which will present services and products in a creative and interesting way. Digitization of communication has become a part of all business processes so clients today organize online events, meetings and webinars, which was hard to believe just a few months ago. 

“We don’t train people for public appearances any more, we educate them on how to communicate via online apps, how to set up virtual backgrounds, how to stand out and leave a good impression. Thanks to technology we have the opportunity to communicate, even in these new circumstances. Otherwise we would have big problems”, said Borislav Miljanović, Bizlife.

The conclusion of the online event “Sales 2.0 – a look into the future” is directed towards the importance of continuous adjustment to the “new normal”, accepting new processes of doing business and accelerated the switch to agile and digital business while accepting tech innovation as essential for making progress. 

The Future of Sales panel

The Future of Marketing panel