Zagreb, 26.09.2017. - HSM informatika, a Salesforce Consulting partner for Croatian and the region, organized its third Salesforce event in Croatia, to share the experiences of their clients who already went through an implementation of the world's leading client relationship management solution.


As is the case worldwide, Croatian Salesforce users also come from a wide array of different industries, including even the non-profit sector. An example of the latter is the international organization Red Noses clowndoctors. In their case, Salesforce donated the licences and HSM informatika provided them with the implementation of the system, to support them in the mission of bringing smiles and joy to children treated in hospitals. The executive director of the Croatian branch of Red Noses  Mladenka Majerić  presented their work at the event and talked about how implementing Salesforce helped them to more effectively monitor the transparency of their funding and improve communication with their donors.

Speaking to about a hundred people gathered on the topic of trends in the sales industry, Jakov Urbanke HSM informatika's COO, highlighted the benefits of technology improvements, but also pointed out that companies wanting to take a big step forward should primarily change from the inside - by applying best world practices in sales management, like sales function specialization and systematic monitoring of the sales process.

Salesforce representative for Central and Eastern Europe Istvan Viz stressed that customers now go through 60% of the sales cycle before coming into contact with a salesperson, while it's expected that by 2020, this number will rise to even 85%. He explained how sales is impacted by a plethora of things - Google searches, social media, user reviews, online discussions, which is why the current approach to sales is unsustainable in the long run.

Kristina Toth Đurić, the CEO of an accounting company Dodana vrijednost, explained to the audience how Salesforce helped her company to follow their customer journeys more easily, to better organize customer support processes and to gather all of their communication in one place.

Head of Sales for Micro-Link Darko Žvan presented how they organized various sales processes with the help of Salesforce, highlighting better planning for future sales as the main advantage brought to them by the new CRM.


Photos by Bojan Šantić