How to improve your business with new technologies?


It is almost hard to believe how this pandemic has disrupted the way companies do business. It took us only a few days to adopt a new way of thinking, learning and working. Digital apps and services which have been available for years have now become more and more vital. Thanks to them we have discovered new and more effective ways of everyday workflow within organizations. 

Considering the fact that some digital solutions, such as videoconferencing (Zoom and other) or office collaboration solutions (MS Office 365 or Google Suite), have already become an irreplaceable part of modern companies and there have been hundreds of articles and useful advice on them, we decided to make this blog about an effective but fairly overlooked solution, at least in our region. 

It is a digital signature solution which drastically simplifies and speeds up the process of signing documents – from the classic manual (print, sign, stamp, send via mail, wait for the other side to do the same) to an automated process which takes just a few clicks. 

As an Adobe Partner we have been using the Sign solution for a couple of years already, especially for complex sales projects. Some of the contracts we sign digitally are confidentiality agreements, customer support agreements and project documentation (eg. Statement of Work agreements). We generate about ten contracts like those in a month, so it is hard to speak about savings we made on printing the documents (ink and paper) or delivery costs. On the other hand, this is a very useful solution mainly due to practicality.  

We have found Adobe Sign truly efficient due to the fact that it is not possible to displace documents in a pile of papers, they cannot be sent to a wrong address, and they are sent directly to people who need to sign them, instead to the company address. The latter has turned out to be extremely useful in the pandemic when most people worked from home instead of the office, but it is a valuable feature at all times. For example, you can sign a document while on a business trip on your smartphone or laptop.


Effective return on investment


Adobe Sign is a leading solution for digital transformation and using a tool like this one brings the income increase and operational efficiency, lowers the risk and improves ROI of existing business systems. 

According to Forrester documentation from 2019, Adobe Sign has a significant impact on the whole economy and brings an average ROI of 420%.

Also, Forrester gives us data about resources saved while managing documents with this digital solution. In one year there is a significant drop in paper costs, which means enormous amounts of wood resources and waste. 

The biggest advantage is the fact that it now takes hours or even minutes to collect the needed signatures, which used to take days or weeks. The ability to track the sent document in real time gives the information on awaiting documents, as well as the signed ones, alongside the information about who signed them and when. Also, it is possible to send and receive notifications after the signature has been placed, as well as archive documents and a detailed report. 

We have felt the biggest effect of this tool after integrating Salesforce CRM and Adobe Sign in a way that we send contracts generated in CRM for a digital signature via Adobe Sign. The integration of Adobe Sign and Salesforce has greatly improved the project sales cycle and shortened the time and effort needed for preparing the document. Not only does it make it possible to send documents for e-signatures, but it also enables documenting and tracking the status of documents in real time. Multiple prepared templates for sending contracts shorten the time of preparation, generating and sending them to clients by replacing it all with only one click in the CRM. 

But even without CRM, the benefits of solutions like these are enormous whether used on their own or integrated with other business solutions. Here is something on that topic.


The experience Adobe Sign gives you

The Adobe Sign interface and workflow are clear and simple so it takes a really short period of time for new users to understand and experience the process of digitization in the simplest and easiest way possible. 

Next, we would like to talk about key features of Adobe Sign.


Adobe Sign features:

1. Adobe Sign is a cloud-based solution

Adobe Sign, as part of Adobe Document Cloud, makes the process of signing documents simple by making preparation and exchange of contracts possible at any place and any time. Sign transforms the documentation process into a complete 100% digital experience. Since it is a cloud-based solution, it requires no additional investment into hardware or software by the customer.


2. A lot of effort has been put to customer experience

Great customer experience is definitely the most important feature which makes global visionary brands stand out. Procedures which require lots of paperwork, such as filling out forms or signing documents can significantly slow down the workflow. In a lot of projects the amount of effort required for doing the paperwork is often the greatest obstacle which ruins the experience as well as the enthusiasm of participants.


3. Automation of repetitive assignments

Availability of multiple templates which require no additional coding or complex tools speeds up the workflow significantly and contributes to work efficiency – transformation of HR, sales and other business processes.


4. Completely changes the classic document signing

Fewer paper documents save time and money but also lower the costs of mistakes and delays which are often connected to the process of manual preparation of documentation. The preparation of contracts becomes a lot more efficient and less stressful. Tracking and managing in real time make the process transparent, improve workflow and enable employees to focus on more important assignments. The overall time needed to process the contracts could be shortened by half. If you put together all the contracts and steps needed in the process, approvals which lead to the final signature, the amount of time saved is obvious which is reflected in business efficiency.


5. It requires no additional investment or logistics by your clients

Adobe Sign makes it easy for the recipient to sign up on any device or browser in through email and access the document which awaits their approval and/or signature without registration or software download. 


6. It is integrated with the business systems and apps you already use

The big advantage of Adobe Sign on the market is the ability of integration with various apps organizations often use in managing their business. Apart from the already mentioned Salesforce, it is possible to integrate Adobe Sign with other Microsoft solutions (Dynamics, Office 365, Sharepoint…), SAP, Workday, Nintex, ServiceNow, Apttus, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and others. 


In the end...


An exceptionally intuitive interface, the order of signing, approval and automated notifications, make this tool valuable for every user by giving them the opportunity to send reminders or signed documents to everyone, as well as the possibility to download your own copy.

Adobe Sign offers the possibility to collect legally binding digital signatures. No matter the industry they are in, lots of companies rely on such a solution due to the fact that it ensures the safety of the documents in the signing process and the fact it gives the opportunity to save time and resources. All considered, we truly believe digital document signing is the future of doing business for every company. 



Paula Stražičić, Consultant, HSM informatika